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hand made upholstered sofas, chairs, stools and accessories

The manufacture of our furniture is a time consuming, labour intensive process which continues the traditions of very high quality classic craftsmanship in our current times.

Only the finest natural raw materials and fibres are used in the construction of our furniture.  Prime, aged beech or birchwood is used for the custom made frames, each hand-joined and built to exact specifications.  Heavy steel coil springs are tied by hand into wide bands of interwoven jute webbing to ensure optimum balanced weight distribution. Boar bristle is used as the primary stuffing, enveloping and cushioning the coil springs and providing correct weight absorption.  A cotton and feather mixture is layered over the whole of each frame to provide thick padding and comfort.  A further muslin pad is hand-sewn in place to provide a smooth and seamless base for upholstery. Channelled seat cushions are hand-stuffed with a mixture of duck down and duck feathers to attain the right degree of softness and durability.  The final cover, be it fabric, leather or kilim, is hand-cut to correct pattern and hand-sewn into place on the frame.

The completed piece of our furniture will provide you with an unparalleled degree of comfort and good looks attainable only through the finest craftsmanship available.